Prefabricated Wall Systems

Prefabricated Wall Systems: Combining Practicality, Durability, and Aesthetics

National Prefab - Wall Systems

National Prefab Systems provides clients with a wide array of proactive construction solutions. Our engineers can customized a prefabricated wall system to meet your structural requirements, whether you are looking for load bearing exterior walls or in-fill panels with deflection track. With our products and expertise, you can save up to 75% of your workforce, time, and money. What is even better is you do not have to worry about cleanup costs—our prefab systems can reduce on-site debris.

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Exterior Wall Installations


  • We manufacture shearwalls in a variety of lengths to meet your structural loading requirements.
  • Using hold-downs, our products feature welded construction, multiple studs, and “X”–bracing.
  • Our design team reviews the structural requirements and checks the number of shearwalls needed throughout the project.
  • Our products are capable of achieving all deflection criteria.
  • We pre-insulate multiple studs with mineral wool sound attenuation fire blanket.
  • We accept sheathing applications of up to four layers to meet UL-rated assemblies
  • Our personnel can produce indexed service holes to accommodate your structure’s electrical and plumbing requirements.
National Prefab - Wall Systems

Standard Sheathing/Outer Covering

  • StanzoilChem-Ply™
  • Fiberboard
  • Thermacrete
  • Georgia-Pacific DensGlass Gold®
  • Exterior Gypsum
  • Plywood

Structural Sheathing/Outer Covering

  • ThermacreteNational Prefab - Wall Systems
  • Stanzoil Chem-Ply™

Vapor Barrier/Panel

  • DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Fiberweb™ Typar®
  • Barricade® Building Wrap




AAC Cladding

Please click on the link to view available AAC Cladding services.
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Interior Wall Installations

Load Bearing Interior Walls

  • We can provide light-gauge load bearing wall panels for up to six stories.
  • Our design team can incorporate window and door headers into walls.
  • Window and door bucks are optional.
  • Our in-wall backing features handicap and bathroom accessories and cabinetry backing with metal flat-straps or studs.
  • We can produce indexed service holes to accommodate your structure’s electrical and plumbing requirements.


  • Non–Load Bearing Interior Walls
  • Interior Panels with Deflection
  • Rated Firewalls
  • Thermacrete UL Design No.U210 (ThermAcoustic(TM) Fire & Acoustic Wall Assembly)

Click here to view UL Design No.U210 (flyer)-Thermacrete AAC Building Systems 2010

Click here to view U210 (Isometric)- 2 to 4 hr- Acoustic & Firewall barrier (patented)

Click here to view Panelization-U210 assembly-(advantages) 070907

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