Reinventing Construction Processes

Whether you are planning a minor or major construction project, National Prefab Systems is here to assist. Our company holds a record of accomplishment when it comes to providing efficient and proactive construction solutions. With our expertise and prefabricated roof systems, you can save more time, money, and labor during the building process.

Prefabricated Roofing Systems

National Prefab Systems manufactures a wide array of roofing systems that work best with apartments, hotels, casinos, and medical facilities. With our expertise in the field of carpentry, design, and technical engineering, you will not have any problem installing nprefab roof systems onto your buildings. We can accelerate construction processes 50% to 75% faster compared to what traditional builders do—our highly skilled contractors can assist with any tasks and ensure the project goes smoothly, efficiently, and promptly.

We assure all our products are made with high-levels of workmanship—we manufacture our products inside a quality-controlled environment to preserve their strength and durability. Our prefabricated roof systems can withstand extreme weather conditions and last longer than normal construction supplies. What is even better is our roof systems are quite flexible. You can ask our engineers to customize a roof truss if you want more complex design.

We strive for efficiency and find ways to simplify installation processes. Our personnel can ship the roof trusses and mount the system on your structure’s exterior walls—engineers can design the trusses accurately to eliminate the need for building roof frames on site.

See more of what our company has to offer. Browse through our selection of nprefab roof systems to get your construction in gear.

Flat Roof Systems

Light-Gauge Parallel Chord/Open Web

Trade–Friendly Custom Joist System

Light-Gauge Pitched Roof Trusses

■ Our design team can help convert conventional framed roof designs to truss roofs.
■ We can load and align webs to allow spacing for mechanical/HVAC.
■ We can load and prepare trusses for cat-walks and mechanical service walkway installations.
■ We can design truss ends to fulfill most soffit profiles.
■ We can provide engineering and shop drawings that meet your state and local requirements.
■ We design all roof trusses with minimal web bracing for increased savings.