AAC Cladding

Panelized and Prefinished AAC UltraLITEWALL
2” precast AAC cladding (R-6)
3” precast AAC cladding (R-8)
4” precast AAC cladding (R-10.5)
5” precast AAC cladding (R-12.8)
Panel sizes up to 12’ x 40’ (480sf)

2” AAC Cladding Panel:
Weight: 6.14 lb/sf
UL Fire Rating: 2 hr.
Hose Stream (ASTM E-119): 6 hr.
R-Value: 6
Min. Compressive Strength: 580 psi.
Noncombustible/ Inorganic
Vapor Permeable
VOC free
No Off-gas

AAC Exterior Cladding Assembly:
UL Design No. U207
Weight: 16.71 psf
Precast AAC Cladding: UL fire rated @ 1 hr/ in. (up to 4 hrs.)
R-Value (with R-19 in 6” stud cavity): 27.64
Frame Wall U Factor (1/R): .03
STC: 55-60
Hurricane Impact (ASTM)- Missile Level D and Wind Zone 4 (>140 mph): passed
Water Resistance (ASTM E331-96): passed
Uniform Load Structural (ASTM E330-96): passed
Static Air Pressure Difference (ASTM E331~93): passed
No Thermal Bridging
LEED Compliant
ASHRAE compliant

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     PLW207 UltraLITEWALL                                            Precast Exterior Wall Assembly

AAC CladdingPrecast Exterior Wall Assembly