Providing High Quality Construction Products: Prefabricated Light Gauge Metal Walls, Floors, and Roof Trusses

Welcome to National Prefab Systems! Let us introduce you to the rewards of producing high standard and cost-effective pre-fabricated structures--from light-gauge steel walls, steel panels, floors, to roof trusses. Whether you are starting a commercial or residential project, our company has a lot to offer. National Prefab Systems provides an extensive range of products for building townhomes, hotels, casinos, and medical facilities.

Achieving a Track Record of Success

With over 30 years of experience in the field of carpentry, design, and technical engineering, many clients rely on our company when it comes to manufacturing and building structures. Our company exists to design, provide engineering, and set financial plans before completing final blueprints for building projects. Combining diverse expertise, our highly trained personnel can accelerate schedules and work around the most convenient processes to cut back on costs and stay ahead of the competitive market.

National Prefab Systems values customer satisfaction highly—we strive to make work processes easier and more convenient for all clients. With our quality prefab walls, panels, and roof trusses, we can minimize labor, simplify processes, and provide a safe construction site for increased efficiency. The main goal of our company reflects in its core value, "Redefining the Future of Construction."

With a proven record of success, our company continuously expands throughout the country. Over the last ten years, we have acquired over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities—which is now located on 7.5 acres near Fox River in Illinois.

Discover what we can offer

Contact us at 312-656-7304 to get a quote on our prefabricated roof systems, walls, or floor panels. You can also email us at—we will be more than glad to send a brochure including all our products and services.